Heart of Dakota {Beyond}: Unit 13


We did Unit 13 right before Thanksgiving and it was perfect timing as the First Thanksgiving at Plymouth is what we read about in History!  The first Thanksgiving was filled with food and games, so for a History activity we played some games just as they did... well, kind of ; )

Little Sis joined in on the fun and we did a turkey toss using our Egg Carton Turkeys we made a few weeks back, had a jumping contest, and raced around the house!

To prep for the big Thanksgiving feast, we read about the Pilgrim children digging for Clams.  

We looked up some videos about Clams online and then did a fun art project. T used food coloring and corn syrup and painted on a piece of construction paper that was intended to be a clam shape.  

Albeit, it's the most colorful clam I have ever seen ; )  Inside we put a piece of couscous for the pearl!

Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 13

This activity for Science was destroyed before we could see the end result, but you can kind of get a glimpse as to what is supposed to happen.  We drew a leaf on a piece of paper towel and drew veins with a watercolor crayon.  

We had read that plant roots carry water to the stem and eventually to the leaves of a plant.

We also read about the Four Seasons this week and T drew what a bush would look like in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, but I didn't get a picture of it.

Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 13

This week in Spelling was review, but I picked up this great dry erase board from The Dollar Store and it was perfect!

Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 13

To end our week, we did another mapping activity for Geography after reading 1 Chronicles 29:10-20.

Heart of Dakota Beyond Unit 13

How was your week?