Fine Motor Color Game with Clothespins


Try this simple, low prep color game with your preschooler.  Use your stash of clothespins to set up a fun color game that also works on fine motor skills.  
clothespin fine motor skills color game

I think a stash of clothespins is a must-have item when building/ strengthening fine motor skills.  Play dough, scissors, and tweezers are also great fine motor "tools" to have available.  Turning fine motor ideas into fun games is a great way to get little hands ready to write.

Fine Motor Skills Activity


It is an easy set-up/ take down activity! It is easily adaptable to any concept being taught, too, so if your preschooler doesn't need help with shapes, change it up and use this game to teach shapes, numbers, addition, sight words, etc. etc.  

We set this up as a two player game, but more people could easily be added.    

Clothespin Color Game

Grab two containers, 12 clothespins (if making it a game between two people), and a die- I used a wooden block from one of our building sets.  

Color each clothespin a different color and do the same to the sides of the die.  
Clip a set of clothespins to each container.  Once you have everything, it's time to play!

Simply, roll the die and take off the matching colored clothespin.

This is also a great lesson in turn-taking-- which is something we are still working on ; )

The object of the game is to be the first to get all your clothespins in the container.  Have fun playing!  

Another option is to play this game in reverse; so begin with the colored clothespins IN the container and once you roll a color, clip it to the sides.  First one to have all the colors clipped onto the container, wins!

When you are all done playing, just store the clothespins in the container for another day!

I'd love to hear how this game could work for you!

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