Letter N Toddler Activities


Little Sis worked on the Letter N in November, but we've just been so busy sharing our other activities and most recently, our Christmas Themed Tot Week that I just haven't taken the time to write up what else we've done in Tot School.

The end of the year is so full of crafting and getting ready for the holidays that this was put on the back burner.

I still have a couple other letters to share with you, too!  It's all coming!

Letter N Toddler Activities

Letter N Toddler Activities

Hammering "Nails" (aka Golf Tees)

Letter N Toddler Activities

ABC Find It! 

Getting some help from Big Brother!

Printable from 1+1+1=1

Letter N Toddler Activities

Squirrel & Nut Number Match

Little Sis enjoyed feeding the squirrels, but didn't care much for the number match element of the activity.  

Will probably suit her better in another couple of months. 

Letter N Toddler Activities

Letter N Word Poster

I made a velcro activity with the Letter G and have gone crazy and done the whole alphabet! 

Here's a poster for the Letter N; lots of ways you could use this! 

Glue the pictures onto the N, use as a phonics sorting activity, use velcro, or simply hang up on the wall! 

Letter N Toddler Activities

Eggs in Nest

Little Sis matched the gems to the number of eggs in the nest.

Letter N Toddler Activities

Are you still trekking along with Tot School or have you taken a little holiday break?

Letter N Toddler Printables

Feel free to print these activities for your homeschool! Please do not share the printable, but you may link to this post : )