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Christmas Tot Activities

December 11, 2013

We've been having some Christmas fun during Tot School lately!  Tis the Season'!  
I made a few things myself and I've made them available for you to use, too! Enjoy!

Color the Lights:
Little Sis always loves when she gets to use markers!

Click to get your printable!

Glittery Tape Christmas Tree:
Found this fun tape at The Dollar Store and since Little Sis is a BIG fan of tape and scissors, this was a Win-Win!!
 Sorting Ornaments by Color:
We love fine motor work around here; I picked up the cute little bulbs at Target!

Sorting Jingle Bells by Size:
small/ medium/ large

Q-Tip Christmas Tree Painting
Click on the picture to get your free printable

Toothpick Christmas Tree:
Big Brother made a Christmas Tree Geoboard with his foam cone; since I didn't want Little Sis messing with push-pins, I broke off the ends of toothpicks (so there were not so sharp and to make them shorter) and she pushed them into her tree.

Felt Christmas Tree:
I made this for Little Sis last year and was so excited to bring this back out!
Doesn't the tree look gorgeous?!  

Little Sis has not done this yet, but it could be used various ways.  I printed and laminated two pages and cut out the lights on one of them so that she could match number.  You could also practice counting and hanging them up for some fine motor fun!

Do you have any Christmas themed Tot Activities lined up? 

You might like to check out our Handprint Reindeer
and the cute outfit I made for Little Sis when she was a babe!

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Danielle @ Mom Inspired Life said...

Love these activities and the printables! I'm printing them now. I'm sure my son will enjoy them. :)

Alicia Dallas said...

LOVE the glittery tape Christmas tree. My daughter would LOVE that craft. I'm going to have to get my hands on some of that tape! :)

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