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Dot Sticker Spelling Scramble {Fine Motor Friday}

Happy Friday!  I've got a new fine motor activity for you today-- Dot Sticker Spelling Scramble.  

Often times I feel that a lot of fine motor activities are geared towards the Tot/ PreK crowd... and rightly so, as that is the time to prep tiny hands for skills needed down the road when they start to write and spell.  

However, it's important to keep big{ger} hands at work, too-- and not just with writing! 

fun fine motor spelling activity

  • dot stickers
  • paper
  • sharpie
  • word list

Hands-on Spelling Activity

We love dot stickers around here and they happen to be a great manipulative for fine motor work.  

So I used them to create a unique twist on his weekly spelling list.  

This could be also be adapted for letter matching, sight words, name practice, etc. etc!

To prep for this activity I wrote a spelling word on a group of dot stickers, while mixing up the letters.  

*Side note, if using transparent dot stickers like we are, use a permanent marker for the letters.... you'll see later that a regular marker with fingers left smudge marks.

fine motor spelling actiivty

We had worked on these particular words for four days prior, so I originally intended for him to pick out a scrambled spelling word and be able to figure out the word on his own.  

Perhaps I set the bar too high as he insisted that I tell him the word first and then he would unscramble the word. Whatever works.  

Either way, he practiced his spelling list and worked on strengthening those fine motor muscles!

fun spelling acitivity for kids

Have fun unscrambling those spelling words!

fun spelling activity for kids

Do you have any fun ways to practice spelling words?

 I'd love to hear!

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