Spelling List {UN}Scramble for Kids


Often times I feel that a lot of fine motor activities are geared towards the toddler and/or preschool crowd... and rightly so, as that is the time to prep tiny hands for skills needed down the road when they start to write and spell.  

However, it's important to keep big{ger} hands at work, too-- and not just with writing!  Here's a great way to make spelling fun-- practice your spelling list with stickers.  My son just loved this  Dot Sticker Spelling Scramble.  

spelling activity for kids using stickers

It's easy to fall in the trap of introducing spelling words, assign your child to write them over and over again, and then give a test a few days later.  That can get monotonous and redundant after a week, so why not make spelling fun to aid in memorization?!

Adding an extra element such as peeling letter stickers to spell words gets your child interacting with his/ her spelling list, works on fine motor skills, and decoding skills as your child will have to unscramble the letters to spell the word.


Fun Spelling Activity for Kids

We love dot stickers around here and they happen to be a great manipulative for fine motor work.  

So, I used them to create a unique twist on his weekly spelling list.  

This could be also be adapted for letter matching, sight words, name practice, etc. etc!

To prep for this activity I wrote a spelling word on a group of dot stickers, while mixing up the letters.  

Your child's job is to UNscramble the dot stickers to make a word from his/her spelling list.

*Side note, if using transparent dot stickers like we are, use a permanent marker for the letters.... you'll see later that a regular marker with fingers left smudge marks.

spelling list activity for kids

We had worked on these particular words for four days prior, so I originally intended for him to pick out a scrambled spelling word and be able to figure out the word on his own.  However, my son insisted that I tell him the word first and then he would unscramble the word. Whatever works.  

Either way, he practiced his spelling list and worked on strengthening those fine motor muscles!

Another option is to give your child a "fill-in-the-blank" sentence, to see if your child can recall his spelling word.

spelling and fine motor skills

Have fun unscrambling those spelling words!

Extension idea:
If you write the spelling words using a fine point pen or pencil, have your child trace over the letters with a marker to sneak in extra practice spelling!

learn to spell with stickers

Do you have any fun ways to practice spelling words?

 I'd love to hear!
spelling list activity for kids

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  1. This is such a great activity and so adaptable!

  2. Somehow adding stickers makes anything more fun. I'm pinning this idea to remember when my daughter is learning spelling words!

  3. What a fun twist for learning to spell words!

  4. What a great idea! I think I will try this with my son and learning his name. Thank you so much for sharing with us on FB! I've added three of my favorites shared posts to the bottom of this week's playful preschool article on Exploring Simple Science with TRAINS!!!

  5. School Time Snippets3:25 AM, February 06, 2014

    Thanks for coming over to comment, Amanda! I was actually checking out your Preschool article earlier this morning! : ) Loved checking out your schedule and look forward to seeing your other ideas for this theme!


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