Flower Patterning | Spring Math Activity for Preschoolers


 Have your preschooler work on patterning skills with this hands-on spring math activity!  With colorful fake stems and printable pattern cards, your child will learn to recognize and make patterns-- an important preschool math skill for little ones!

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Patterning Activity for Preschool

Spring has sprung!  Or has it??  As I write this, the trees in our yard are covered in ice and snow... in APRIL!! Needless to say, if spring weather wasn't going to manifest itself outside, I knew I had to create some colorful, spring activities to do inside for my 3 and 5 year old. 

Set out this patterning activity along with some of our favorite spring time books; this is a great way to LEARN and PLAY in  your homeschool!

Preschool Patterning Activity

We set this activity up to go along with the storybook, The Tiny Seed-- the Virtual Book Club's book of the week.  I purchased our flowers from our local dollar store, so there were several flowers per "bunch."

To prep the patterning activity using flowers, and adult will need to cut the flowers into individual stems.  I used plain scissors to cut the stems, but wire cutters would have made the job much easier.  ** Be sure to do this away from the littles! **

printable patterning cards

Our flower pattern cards can be used two ways:

1. As a cut and paste activity.  Print our the worksheets and the have your child use the flowers at the bottom of each printable to complete the pattern.

2.  Cut each pattern strip out individually and set this activity up using floral stems like we have done here!

Either activity is a great way to work on patterning skills with your little one!

fun pattern activity using flowers

If setting this activity up with floral stems, also grab an empty egg carton.  Flip the egg carton upside down and poke holes into 6 of the egg cups.

Set out a pattern strip for your child to work on and have your child say the colors of the flowers aloud to help them hear the pattern.

flower patterning activity

Have your child set up the pattern by inserting a flower into each egg cup.  

I always found exaggerating a part of the pattern helped my child understand what comes next in the sequence.  Thus, I would say: "red, PURPLE, PURPLE, red, PURPLE, ????? 

Your child is to finish the patterning sequence.  What comes next?

Hopefully your child will catch on and yell out PURPLE, too! 

patterning with flowers preschool math activity

Our Flower Patterning cards include 10 different flower patterns.  Try this fun, hands-on patterning activity with your toddler and/or preschooler!

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