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16 Favorite Alphabet Books for Preschoolers

To rewind a bit, this past Tot School year was more for exposure as we cycled through the alphabet doing various activities and/or crafts based around a certain letter.   In August/ September, Little Sis will be 3 1/2, so I'd like to transition her to more preschool type activities come Fall.

We most likely will cycle through the alphabet again, but I'd like to focus on weekly themes, instead of  a certain letter.

alphabet book list for preschoolers

Along with weekly themes, I would like to dedicate a basket and/or bin specific to a letter.

The idea right now is to fill the bin with some manipulatives of that letter, tiny objects, and an alphabet book.

I am still trying to figure things out, but as I am reflecting on what we have done and where we want to go, I thought it would be fun to share with you our collection of Alphabet books.

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Jane O'Connor

Patricia Polacco

Susan Greene

Wanda Gag

Dr. Seuss

P.D. Eastman

Richard Scarry

Bill Martin Jr.

Baby Einstein

Megan E. Bryant

Giselle Shardlow

And here are a couple books that we currently do not have but, they are on my *wishlist*!!

Matthew VanFleet

Christopher Franceschelli

Crockett Johnson

Keith Baker

Roger Priddy

Are some of these in your collection?  Do you have a favorite alphabet book that we don't have? Please share!