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Colorful Tissue Paper Easter Egg Craft for Kids

Have you ever worked with bleeding tissue paper before?  We used it in our latest Easter egg craft and my children LOVED it!  It is such a fun art medium! Explore color theory as you craft up some beautiful and unique Easter eggs!

easter egg craft for kids
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For this week's Fine Motor Fridays activity, we had some fun jazzing up some tissue paper Easter eggs.  Just a few materials necessary needed and you have a colorful art project-- perfect for Spring!

Tissue Paper Easter Craft for Kids

We pulled out our pack of Bleeding Tissue Paper that we used when we created rainbows, spangle mix from, watercolor paper, and glue.


Bleeding tissue paper is so much fun to work with!  

The kids loved squirting the tissue paper with water and watching the colors bleed onto the watercolor paper; so cool!

Tissue Paper Egg How To:

To prep the activity, I cut the bleeding tissue paper into strips thinking the kiddos could tear it into pieces, but they preferred just laying the strip onto the paper.

To set up the activity, place the watercolor paper on a tray or empty pizza box {that is what we did!}, lay out the tissue paper, and have a squirt bottle handy.

Then, let the kiddos create!

tissue paper easter egg craft for kids

I had the kiddos squirt water on the paper as they created, which worked on strengthening those fine motor muscles.

It also helped keep the tissue paper from moving around.

Lightly squirt water on the paper and lay the strip of tissue paper over it.  Continue adding pieces of tissue paper- overlapping them or layering them.

Once the kids were satisfied with their wet tissue paper creations, we let them dry for a couple of hours.

easter egg craft for kids

Once the tissue paper dried, it easily peeled off.  If it is completely dry, the tissue paper will just fall right off.

The next day I cut an egg shape out of the paper and gave the kiddos glue and spangle decorations to decorate the egg.

Manipulating the spangle mix was also fun fine motor practice-- the shiny, small, shaped decorations are very appealing to little hands!

easter egg craft for kids

It was a great activity that my 2 and 6 year old could easily do-- they loved it!

I enjoyed snapping photos and following my little guy around the room while the others crafted. 

 My 3 year old was very random about decorating her egg, while my son was very focused on making his own design and patterns.  

Fun way to unleash their individual creativity.

easter egg craft for kids

I just love the way they turned out!  

The bleeding tissue paper made some pretty neat tie-dye designs and we now have some colorful Easter Egg art!  

easter egg craft for kids

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