Letter X Toddler Activities


Thanks for joining us during our Tot School time!

Here's what I set up for Little Sis for the Letter X:

Letter X Toddler Activities
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Tot School Activities

Letter X Bin:

A bin filled with Letter X's from various toys

Letter X Toddler Activities
Printable came from The Measured Mom

Letter X Toddler Activities

X is for Xray:

The idea was for Little Sis to put the white and clear gems on the X, but she manipulated them as she saw fit.

Letter X Toddler Activities

Xylophone Counting:

I set out the cards and then presented the numbered links one at a time; I showed her 1 link and asked her to find the number one... and so on.

Letter X Toddler Activities | Xylophone Counting Cards

X is for relaX:

The kiddos had fun with this activity.  We got a set of Barefoot Books, Yoga Pretzel cards and with the lead of Big Brother they did several yoga poses.  Great bonding time!

Letter X Toddler Activities

Watercolor Xray:

For this tray there were three different watercolor tasks: a body, fish, and her name.   As she painted over the fish and body, bones appeared!

Letter X Toddler Activities

Human Body Sensory Bin with Noodles:

Little Sis has been loving getting her hands on several different materials, so I created a sensory bin for her with leftover dried noodles.  

I added in Big Brother's pieces from his Squishy Human Body kit so they both could explore together.  

She gave the pieces to big brother and he tried to put the body together.

Letter X Toddler Activities

Pheww!  Letter X complete!  

Just one more letter left.... see you again for Letter Z!

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