Monster Truck Coloring Pages


Have a monster truck loving kiddo?  Then this coloring printable is for you!  Unleash your creativity and create your own unique monster truck!

monster truck coloring page

Did you have a chance to read some of our favorite Planes, Trains, & Automobile books?

We are no strangers to such a theme, but ironically I was at a lost for what to read and do... UNTIL my son decided to pick out some new monster truck books from the library.  There wasn't a specific book that we focused on this month; we just ended up reading all of the chosen monster truck books that my son found at the library and the ones we had at home.   Monster trucks are a kind of automobile, right?!

Monster Truck Coloring Page

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Did You Know?
Monster Trucks weigh about 10,000lbs!
First monster truck was named, Big Foot- built in 1975
Monster Truck tires have low air pressure; allows for bouncy landings
Every monster truck has a remote ignition interrupter that can shut down its engine.
Longest jump ever was 202 feet by, Bigfoot 14; jumped over a 727 airplane!!

Just to highlight my son's monster truck love---

  • My son loves playing with his monster trucks by creating his own ramps with cardboard.
  • We own about a gazillion of them!
  • His 5th birthday cake was monster truck themed.
  • We've had some fun smashing the number line, which was inspired by monster trucks.
  • He has been to several Monster Jam shows....  

So, for this months Planes, Trains, & Automobiles Poppins Book Nook theme, we set out to unleash my son's creativity by letting him design his own monster truck!   And he's made a lot of them!  We have quite a collection now-- seriously, he's been a monster truck coloring machine!


  • markers
  • monster truck coloring page

Monster Truck Coloring Page

Just print & color!  And give it a name!

monster truck coloring page

As you can see this turned into a family affair!  Little Sis created her own Monster Truck, with the help of Big Brother.  And, I had some fun creating one, too.  Man.... I have a "thing" for polka-dots don't I?!

design your own monster truck coloring sheet

No monster truck is complete without a name!  Big Brother named one of his first designs, Black Thunder.  Little Sis's monster truck was named Rainbow Smash, and mine was Polka Dot Piranha! It was a great activity for all of us to do together!

I used Microsoft Word to create the first monster truck outline.  After my son saw mine, he wanted to try creating one of his own; he created Monster Truck #2.   I've included our outlines as a free printable for your child to design his/her own truck, too!!

Design Your Own Monster Truck Coloring Page

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Next month's theme is Folktales! See you at the end of May for another edition of the Poppins Book Nook!