Strawberry Activities and Printables for Toddlers


We did a little something different for Tot School this week.  Instead of focusing on a letter, I chose to do some activities around one of our favorite books, "The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, & the Big Hungry Bear.  We just love that book; is it a favorite at your house too?
red ripe strawberry activities
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Strawberry Shape Match:
Little Sis really enjoyed the Watermelon Shape Match we used during our week with Letter W, so I thought I'd recreate the same activity using {pink} ripe strawberry's!  The cute strawberry clipart came from, and there was only a pink strawberry to use!  I don't think Little Sis minded at all. 
red ripe strawberry big hungry bear

 Strawberry {Button} Seed Number Match:
Using the buttons, Little Sis put a certain number of seeds onto each ripe strawberry.  
red ripe strawberry big hungry bear

We worked on this together and I ended up pulling out a small stash of buttons I have because we didn't have enough buttons out; hence she decided colorful seeds were much better : ) 
red ripe strawberry big hungry bear

Strawberry Craft with fingerprint seeds: 
Little Sis did her best to cut the strawberry outline and then used her fingerprints to create seeds..... 
red ripe strawberry big hungry bearred ripe strawberry big hungry bear

She loved that part!
red ripe strawberry big hungry bear

Pre-Writing Activity:
I created a tracing sheet for Little Sis; she had to help the mouse get to the strawberry before the Big Hungry Bear!
red ripe strawberry big hungry bear

 Strawberry Sensory Bin with Beans:
With a bin full of beans, I gave Little Sis a scoop, tweezers, and a spoon to aid in her free play.  For the strawberry's, I used pink sparkly Easter eggs I picked up at the Dollar Store.  I added in a few fruit squeezy pack tops and coincidentally with a little push, they fit on top of the strawberry!
red ripe strawberry big hungry bear

 Where is the Strawberry?
Little Sis is great at counting to 5 without help and can count to 10, but typically only does it when someone is counting with her.  To work on counting and number recognition, I made up a game "Where is the Strawberry?"  It was inspired by Homeschool Creations number game for "Going On a Bear Hunt". 
red ripe strawberry big hungry bear

Under one of the mice was the hidden strawberry.  For the first round of play, I called out the number she had to look for, but she was more interested in flipping them all over to find the strawberry.
red ripe strawberry big hungry bear

It was a fun week of activities to go along with one of our favorite books! Thanks for stopping bye!

I created all of Little Sis's printable activities this week using clipart from  I so enjoyed making them and I'd love to share them with you. Just click the links below to download each activity for your personal use.  Enjoy!