Threading Buttons Preschool Fine Motor Activity


Threading Buttons fine motor skills

This past week our "schedule" has been a little out of sort as we are in the process of potty training Little Sis, so instead of having her in her room for quiet nap/ time, I've kept her in my reach.... just in case.  I'm sure you know what I mean!

Simple Fine Motor Skills Activity

One of those days she was not one bit interested in a few things I brought out to her so I had to think of another idea-- FAST!

 It needed to be simple and engaging...

It just so happened that I had a tray of buttons and two pipe cleaners in my "needs to go downstairs {but hasn't yet} pile, so I grabbed those and showed her how to thread the buttons onto a pipe cleaner.

Threading Buttons fine motor skills

Thankfully this kept her occupied for the remainder of Big Brother's lesson!

And actually it made Big Brother work faster because he wanted to join in the fun, too!

Love quick and simple activities that engage both my 3 and 6 year old.

preschool Threading  fine motor skills

Any buttons with holes would work for this activity.

I used smaller craft button from our Sticky Fall Tree activity that were a variety of sizes and colors; bigger buttons like we used for Button Bingo would work great, too.

Although the focus was on fine motor skills, it was a wonderful activity engaging my 3 year old in talking about attributes- shape, color, size, and number of holes in the buttons.

Threading Buttons fine motor skills

You could also turn this activity into a bracelet or simply take the buttons off and save them for an activity another day!

Don't you just love simple activities?!  

This activity is part of an on-going series, Fine Motor Fridays.  Check out what the other co-hosts have in store for you this week!

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