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2 Printable Do A Dot Reading Logs

When I was putting Big Brother's notebook together to begin his first grade year, I included a reading log as a way to track his reading and as an incentive to encourage him to read more.  After a "book" or section of a book had been read, he was able to add a sticker to the chart. Once the chart was complete, I gave him a few choices for his "prize."  He chose a new pack of cars.

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The reading log worked remarkably well; his required reading for the day got done and he was rewarded for a job well done.  And sometimes he read an extra book and/or chapter....

Printable Reading Log

After we completed the log, I never printed off another one and honestly, without that external motivation, required reading was a struggle some days.

Thus, this new Do a Dot reading log was created!

Once my son reads 25 books, set amount of pages, and/or stories, I told him I'd surprise him with one of his favorite treats.  What you count as a book read is up to you; some days I assign several pages and he is rewarded a sticker, other days he must read the entire book-- it just depends on the book.

If you'd like to use our do a dot reading log, too, just click the link below to access it! It can be used with dot stickers, Do A Dot markers, or laminated for continued use.  

It is really up to you how you decide to use it, but I hope it makes required reading a little more enjoyable for you and your child!

Do you add in some little carrot {i.e reward} to get reading time done?  If so, what?

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