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Simple Black & White Collage for Baby

Contrasting colors- such as black and white- are frequently used in baby books and toys.  Research has found that babies prefer the stark black and white images and they encourage focus and increased concentration.  

Black and white encourage and support visual development.  

Make a simple baby play activity that encourages this development.

This article at HuggaMind highlights some research in supporting the importance of contrasting colors for baby, and just for fun I thought I'd make my baby boy, whose now 18 months!!, a felt board to highlight these high contrast colors.  

felt collage contrasting colors

For a much younger baby, you could set this up as a "tummy-time" activity or encourage baby 6+mos to grab the felt off the board; this is easily adaptable to many ages and stages.
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I made a super simple felt board using an old picture frame.

 I covered the glass with white felt to make the board.

Then I cut up pieces of black felt into various shapes.  That's it!!

Simple Baby Play Activity  

contrasting colors activity for toddlers

Little Sis (3) and Big Brother also had fun building different pictures using the black cut-outs.

It was a neat little activity to put together.

It supported visual development, encouraged creativity and fine motor skills!

black and white collage for toddlers

I think it would be fun to add more colors to create a colorful felt collage... just have to head back to the craft store!!

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