Colorful Jellyfish Preschool Activity


This fine motor activity is a perfect addition to your ocean theme preschool lessons.  Make a colorful jellyfish that can be played with several times over!  Using a few household materials, your little one will enjoy this colorful paper plate jellyfish!   

colorful jellyfish
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Colorful Jellyfish

I keep a little Fine Motor "Toolbox" in our school room closet; that's where you'll find my stash of fine motor manipulatives like scissors, clothespins, tape, droppers, tweezers, tongs, etc.

And I have to say, my favorite fine motor tool has to be- hands down- clothespins!  Velcro is a very very close second.

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Using clothespins for this colorful jellyfish sneaks in fine motor skill development! 

How to Make This Colorful Jellyfish

It is easy to put together. I apologize in advance for my lack of step by step instructions, but stick with me and hopefully it'll make sense!

Supplies Needed: 

I purchased this ribbon at a Hobby Lobby-- all four colors were on the spool.

paper plate jellyfish

I cut the paper plate in half and used markers to color different sections.

To prep the clothespins, I cut the ribbon and taped it on the end that would pinch the paper plate.  You could also glue your ribbon on, too if that is easier.  

Next I simply presented this color matching activity to my 3 year old who "Ooo-ed and Ahhh-ed" at the pretty sparkly colors!

jellyfish craft preschool

Encourage color matching or simply let your child create their own miss-matched jellyfish!

colorful jellyfish color matching activity

There are so many ways you could adapt this activity for your child- Enjoy!  This post was part of an on-going series, Fine Motor Fridays.

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