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Clothespin Counting: Fine Motor Math for Toddlers

My 2 1/2 year old daughter loves fine motor activities!  She loves to manipulate objects big and small with her hands and so I created this simple activity for her, which focuses on fine motor work AND math skills.  It's a win-win!!  And actually, you could make this activity even more detailed by adding in colors and/or shapes.. but this was an on the whim activity, and perhaps in the future I'll add on to it.  However, for now, all you need are popsicle sticks, clothespins, and a marker/ do a dot marker.

toddler math

Supplies needed:

I gathered 5 popsicle sticks and added dots correspoding to the number I wrote on the stick; i.e. the stick numbered with a 3, had three dots.

Fine Motor Math Activity for Kids

Once I numbered all the sticks, I grabbed 15 clothespins and called Little Sis to come over and she began clipping away!

toddler math

I added the dot marker for an element of self checking and also because she is just learning her numbers.  Another way to set up this acitivty is to write the number and corresponding dots on one side and write the number on the other side of the stick.  Have your child work only on the side with the number on it.

toddler math

You can also use this activity as a simple puzzle and/or use buttons, pom poms, or some other manipulative to place on the dots instead!

I'd love for you to follow along so you never miss out on one of our fun activities we share at School Time Snippets!
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