6 Sensory Bin Filler Ideas: Tactile Sensory Play


Take my little ones into any store, and they cannot help but want to touch and explore the things around them.  I often repeat, "Don't Touch That!" but the business of our little ones is to explore the world around them through touch-- one of their five senses.  And I've got a simple way to let your littles enjoy Tactile Sensory Play.

I pulled out our mini Snapware Storage Bins {ours are 8x11.5inches from Target} and filled them will different materials to explore through tactile play.
Set up simple Invitations to Explore with Mini Sensory Bins.  So many ways to fill storage bins for open ended play!
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Read more about the importance of Tactile Input by Dayna at Lemon Lime Adventures; she truly explains it in a very simple way!

It just so happened that I had 3 bins-- for the three kiddos!  For the past several weeks, I have filled each bin with a different material for one week.  The bins have been out so that the kiddos could easily ask for a bin to explore any time I happened to be in the kitchen, so this was especially great for after breakfast and just before dinner!

sensory bin filler ideas

So what has been in the mini sensory bins?
...but the possibilities are endless!...

Thanks to our recent experience with a rice sensory bin, these also followed the same child-led play and exploration.  Materials were kept pretty basic, but each bin provided plenty of opportunity to touch and feel and explore through tactile play.

I love that these bins are small, but yet big enough to provide plenty of opportunities to play!  They were easy to fill since all that was in each bin was ONE material!  This also provided a unique experience for each of the kiddos to practice sharing and turn-taking-- which is always something to work on and encourage.

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