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Salt Fireworks: Festive Fine Motor Craft for Kids

 Red, White, and Blue and Summer-time make me think of.... fireworks, which were our inspiration for today's Fine Motor Fridays post: Salt and Glue Fireworks Art

salt and glue art project
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4th of July Craft for Kids 

We made fireworks by putting a unique Red, White, and Blue twist on the classic salt and glue art activity. 


  • black construction paper, 
  • bottle of white glue, 
  • red and blue food coloring, 
  • pipettes, and 
  • salt. 

First comes the glue.... 

Make astrisks and swirls using the glue.

{Squeezing the glue is great for strengthening those little hands!  Bonus if you have the squeezeable glue pens!}

4th of July Craft

Then comes the salt...

fireworks craft for kids

Then comes the watered down food coloring....

{Squeezing the pipettes encourages strengthening those fine motor muscles!}

The kiddos convinced me that fireworks were LOTS of different colors-- not just red and blue, so their fireworks were much more colorful!  

Gently encourage your children to drop the water on the salt, otherwise the rest of your paper will look very watered down.

fireworks craft for kids

Enjoy your Salt and Glue Fireworks!

firework craft for kids

salt and glue fireworks craft

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