Homeschool Heart Talk: Should YOU Homeschool?


Should YOU homeschool?  I've seen the questions floating around... Should I? Can I? How do I? What if?  etc. etc.  Questions and decisions regarding our children and their future is exciting and nerve-wracking; we all want to do what is best for our children.
Well, unfortunately, I cannot answer that question for you.  It's personal. It's real. And every family is different.

Homeschool Encouragement

Here's our story:
Should we homeschool? was never really a question for us; initially it was my hubby's desire for his {future} children.  In fact, while hubby and I were dating {oh so long ago!}, it was mentioned that he would want his children homeschooled.  I don't exactly remember what I said back then, but it probably went like, "um.... okayyyyyy...."  Secretly thinking, homeschool?  That is so weird! Ha!

Well, the joke was on me, huh?

You see, I grew up in public school and even went to college initially to be a school teacher!  However, I believe through a series of events and people that crossed my path, God slowly opened the door to my heart to actually want, desire, and feel a peace with homeschooling our {future} children, too.

I read books about homeschooling from the library.
I prayed...
I read more books...
Enjoyed reading homeschool blogs....

and gradually the idea just became something we were going to do.

I would encourage you though, that if you have been thinking about it and questioning it-- trust your gut.  Trust that God is whispering something in your heart.  I encourage you to pray; to listen; to talk to other homeschoolers.

Forget about your inadequacies, failures, doubts; it is not about you-- it is about your children. Forget about what other's say.  You can do ALL things through HIM who strengthens you!!

And, the reasons that homeschooling may be on your heart will be unique to you.

Homeschooling isn't all about picking and choosing curriculum and academics; it is about building relationships with your children and nurturing their hearts and minds.  You are with them all day everyday, and you have the blessing to nurture their spirits and talents.  Do know that some days are not sunshine and roses-- but that is just "parenting" in general, right?

It is all a learning process-- for you and your children.  Homeschooling is a journey, it is  lifestyle.  I also don't recommend "doing it for a while to see how it goes"  because chances are it will not go well.  To think of the future is often overwhelming-- relax and take it day by day.

I pray that you would listen to your heart.  It is always easy to say, next year or 'when our finances are better' or 'I just don't know enough'....

You are fully capable of teaching them what they need to know and then some.  Remember, you aren't doing it alone.

But, you are enough; YOU are their mom-- the one who wants the best for them.  And more than likely, there will always be something "in the way"-- calling you away from that whisper of "Should I?".

So, has the thought of homeschooling been laid on your heart?  I encourage you to listen to that whisper.

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