Count, Sort, and Learn Numbers with Blueberries for Sal


I love creating activities for my kiddos around the books that we read just for fun-- and today I am sharing 3 hands-on math activities to go along with one of our favorite stories right now, Blueberries for Sal!  Enjoy the story with your preschool-aged kiddos and then extend the story with these simple learning ideas! 

These activities are a playful way to build number sense with your preschooler!

Blueberries for Sal Preschool  Activities

Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey is a great book to read to your preschooler.

The book begins with Sal and her mother on their way to pick blueberries to can for the winter.

Along the way her mother encourages Sal to pick her own blueberries, thus Sal's adventure begins!

This book a selection in the Before Five In A Row manual.

To go along with the book, I put together some activities for Little Sis that each focus on a certain math skill.

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Blueberries for Sal Preschool Activities

Counting Blueberries - 1:1 Correspondence

For this activity, Little Sis was to use the spoon to pick up a marble and put it in the bucket all the while saying, "Kerplink- Kerplunk- Kerplank!" and count, of course!


counting blueberries preschool math activity

Sorting Pom Pom Blueberries

This tray works on classification and sorting by size and color.  

To add in more fine motor practice, I also added in a pair of tweezers for Little Sis to use to pick up the "blueberries."


sorting bluberries by size preschool math activity

Roll & Cover Blueberry Pie Number Recognition Game

To help Little Sis with number recognition, I made an image of a pie and put the numbers 1-6 on it.  

Little Sis was to roll the dice, find the corresponding number on the pie, and then add a blue sticker onto the number.


blueberry pie roll and cover preschool game

Click HERE for your Roll a Pie Printable

Have you and your preschooler enjoyed Blueberries for Sal yet?

These math activities were simple to put together, so pick up the book and try one of them out!  

Blueberries for Sal is a title included in the Before Five in a Row guide.

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