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My kiddos love love LOVE moving and dancing around to music; in fact, my son chose to listen to Christmas music on my phone the other day because he wanted to specifically jam to "Jingle Bell Rock"!

We also love to jam and/or have music playing in the background of our general playtime activities; the "educational" the better from Mom's point of view, so I was interested in having the opportunity to review three song sets from Happy Kids Songs as part of the SchoolHouse Review Crew.

We received three downloadeable song sets:  Happiness and Attitude, Friends and Sharing, and Manners and Character and the Happy Kids Songs Workbook: Hands-on Activities to Build Character, Social, & Emotional Skills.  The songs are geared towards children ages 3-8.  I listened to the songs with my three children--ages 7, 3, and 1.  Each set contained 5 songs and can be downloaded for $4.95/set.  Or you can pick and choose songs for .99cents each.
Happiness & Attitude song set focuses on positive thinking, giving compliments, handling limitations, happiness, and being together.
Friends & Sharing song set focuses on friendship, reaching out and including others, being happy, and sharing with friends.
Manners & Character song set focuses on honesty, manners, appreciating differences, considering others, and understanding differences.

The writer and creator of Happy Kids Songs is Don MacMannis, Ph.D, known as, Dr. Mac-- a child psychologist and writer of PBS hit show, Jay Jay the Jet Plane. Dr. Mac realizes that "no child can be happy all of the time, but all kids can be happier with improved character, social, and emotional skills."   Happy Kids Songs seeks to not only entertain, but help teach and reinforce important issues for young kids in a fun and engaging way.  
We also received a 125 page workbook to go along with the Happy Kids Songs albums.  The workbook can be purchased for $12.56 in a physical softcover book, but they are also free for immediate download and printing.  The workbook includes lyrics, fill in the blank, matching, coloring, and other activities related to the 40 songs made available through Happy Kids Songs.

We often played the songs during lunch time-- which probably wasn't the best time to listen to them as they often wanted to get up and dance around to the music instead of simply listening while eating. The song sets are professionally done and include children singing and talking throughout each song.  Although children are singing throughout the songs, I definitely wouldn't describe the songs and/or voices as "childish."  The songs are not overly long and tedious to listen, too-- but seem to get the point of the song across in a simple, upbeat, and fun way.

My kids seemed to enjoy listening to the songs for the most part.  To be completely honest, of the fifteen songs we listened too, there were a couple that I did not enjoy.  One song was called, "Shake It Out and Dance"- which at first glance and by song title only, I thought would be a fun move around song, but I was sadly mistaken when it began and I kept hearing, "I can't.... I can't... I can't" over and over again the first several seconds of the song.  The song is about positive thinking so I understand the point they were trying to make but nonetheless it was a really sour beginning to the song in my opinion.  The other song that I just didn't seem to understand was "Six Little Kids," which is about perspectives.  However, neither song seemed to rub my kids the wrong way.  

On the other hand, I loved the message of "Sailing on the Seven C's":
"C stands for caring and consideration. 
C stands for commitment and communication.
Just add concern, curiosity, and  cooperation
And you've got the creation of the seven C's"
and "Quirks" which incuded some silly lyrics with the underlying theme of understanding and accepting each others differences.  While some quirks listed may have more to do with "manners" like burping and flared tempers, I think this song is a much needed reminder in a household were we are together all the time:
"Yeah, quirks are things that everybody's got
Some got a few, and some got a lot, and
Some are kind of cute, but some are not-
People's quirks need some understanding"

The songs were fun to listen too, and although "secular" they would have been a neat add-on to a character training program.  I could see using the songs, not as playtime background music, but as something to listen to and discuss afterwards.  I appreciated the Happy Kids Songs workbook which included lyrics, because otherwise my hard-of-hearing ears wouldn't be able to understand some of the lyrics-- which is typical of songs in general, didn't have anything to do with the sound quality of the music..  There were also some neat activity pages that my kids would enjoy completing.  

Raising happy, well-mannered, responsible children is what {I think} all parents desire and Happy Kid Songs may work well with your kiddos if they are auditory learners and love learning with music.  Click the banner below to see what other Crew Members thought!
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