Oh, the Places You'll Go Writing Activity


The Poppins Book Nook  virtual book club theme this month , What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?, was a timely choice with a new school year underway.  

My son has told me that he wants to be a Stunt Driver when he grows up {deep breath, Mom!}, but I choose to read a book and do a craft that was a little less dare-devilish.

We read the classic, "Oh, the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss.  I love the use of playful, silly, and rhyming text in many of Dr. Seuss's books, and this one is no different.  Afterwards we completed this fun balloon craft and writing prompt.  

Dr. Seuss Writing Prompt and Craft
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Fun Dr. Seuss Writing Prompt 

A week after we read the story, I stumbled upon a really cute craft from Fun in First Grade.  We painted hot air balloons and added a "When I Grow Up..." writing prompt to the balloon's basket.

Oh-- and we added a picture of my kiddos in each of their balloons, too!

I love the way they turned out!


Hot Air Balloon Craft

I found a printable hot air balloon template online and printed one for each of my kiddos-- yep, my 3 and 1 year old made their own balloon, too!

However, they lucked out of the writing prompt activity.

I tried asking my 3 year old what she wanted to do/ be/ go when she grows up, but all I kept getting was "birthday!"

I gave the kiddos some paint and pom poms to paint their hot air balloons with-- a method we haven't done before!

Dr. Seuss Craft and Writing Activity

Oh, the Places You'll Go Writing Activity

Once they dried, I had my son fill out his "When I Grow Up...." writing prompt and then I worked on assembling the hot air balloons.

He wrote, When I grow up I want to be a stunt driver.  

After filling out the writing prompt, glue it to the "basket" of the hot air balloon that you will cut from brown construction paper.

Using a stapler, I attached some string to the balloon and the basket to connect them.

Then, we cut out a  picture of them and glued it into the basket.

Oh, The Places You'll Go Writing Activity

Oh, the places they'll go!  

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