Pool Noodle STEM Activity for Kids


Have a pool noodle or two just laying around?  

Surprisingly, I did although we do not have a pool!  

I originally was going to use it as a wreath base,  but recently I decided to put it to use by cutting it up and making it into a fine motor activity to share with you today!

STEM activity for kids

With the pool noodle, we made Pool Noodle Sculptures!

To make your own, gather:

  • pool noodle(s)
  • wooden sticks
  • knife (for the adult only)

Fun Pool Noodle Activity

Take a sharp knife and cut up the pool noodle into chunks.  Feel free to cut up the chunks into smaller pieces, too.

Have a bowl or cup of wooden craft sticks available and start building!

Our wooden craft sticks came from Craftprojectideas.com-- nice for little hands because they had blunted ends, although, Little Sis did manage to break a few trying to poke them into the pool noodle.

STEM pool noodle building activity

Creative use for pool noodle

pool noodle STEM building activity

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