Post-It Notes Math: Fact Family Neighborhood


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I've been really enjoying simple tasks lately!  And here is a way to work on math facts in a fun way.  The set up is simple and it is also inviting, so more than likely, your child won't balk at having to do math during the summer months.  Set up this simple Fact Family Neighborhood to practice simple addition facts!
math using post it notes

Supplies Needed:
post it notes

Cool Math Game for Kids

On our chalkboard easel I made a little neighborhood with five houses.

On the roof of each house, I wrote a sum-- 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.  Then I grabbed my post-it notes and wrote two numbers that equal the sum; these would be the windows.

I used blue and yellow post-it notes, and each house had one color.

However, the tricky part was that there was only one set of numbers for each house-- so while 7+5 does equal 12-- those numbers might not be the ones used on that house.  You could switch this activity up in a lot of different ways, but this is what worked for us at the moment.  
Fact Family Math Activity

Are you on Summer break?  Doing any fun activities to keep concepts fresh? I'd love to hear!

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