My Student Logbook: Organize Your Homeschool {Review}


"Mom, am I done yet...."  
"Mom, what else do I need to do...."
"Mom, what page in {insert subject} am I supposed to work on...."

Those kinds of questions-- amongst multiple children-- is a sure way to frazzle a homeschooling mom.  Even with one school-aged child, those types of questions get a bit tedious and can make for a frustrating and overwhelming day.  I think many of us have a goal of making our children independent in their studies and our latest review from My Student Logbook provided a super simple and easy way to keep your child on task without you going crazy trying to keep it all together.

homeschool planner review

Homeschool Planner Review

We chose to receive the 2014-2015 school year  My Student Logbook  with a Jet themed cover.  It is spiral-bound, standard paper sized, and includes a protective front and back cover.  Inside, our logbook is dated 7/28/2014- 8/2/2015.  My Student Logbook retails for $15.00, plus shipping.

You also have the option to purchase your My Student Logbook per the calendar year {January 1-December 31st} or undated.  There are also several themed covers to choose from; I know one can get carried away with how many options to provide and I felt there was something available for everyone, but a plain cover might make a nice addition to the options.  That way it would allow the student to decorate it to his/her liking--- just a thought!

It is a very simple student planner that is best suited for those 2nd grade and up; I used our My Student Logbook with my 2nd grader.  I wrote his subject list on one of the checklist pages provided, followed the set-up instructions, and it was assembled in minutes!  I kept our checklist very basic, but there is a place on the weekly pages that allows you to be more specific in what was and/or needs to be done.  My Student Logbook also provides "extra" student pages in the back, such as a Prayers/Goals page, Books Read, Highlights of the Year, etc to keep track of all that can easily be forgotten during the school year.  This system can also help you create high school transcripts.  To see the set-up for yourself, check out the product video:

I ended up being the one to make sure everything was checked off, and it was very simple to do.  I feel pretty redundant-- but it truly is the most simple and easiest homeschool planner I have come across.  Write it all in once and your pretty much done.  If by chance we didn't do a subject one day I either left it blank {as in we didn't complete it yet} or I put a dash mark {as in it doesn't need to be completed today}.  Although my son didn't understand the need, as a list-maker myself, I appreciated it!  Feels good to "check things off" and see what has/ has not been accomplished!

homeschool organizer review

However, as much as I loved the concept, it wasn't a necessary item for us at this time; I think a lot of that ended up being that we use a boxed curriculum that has our days laid out for us already and other than for personal inquiry, we do not need to keep records of our school work.   I thought it would help my son have some type of ownership in his daily routine, stay on task, and keep track of what he had left to do during school time, however, our routine has been pretty much the same these last few weeks and my son has finally started to know the schedule himself.  Thus there weren't too many questions.  We also pretty much do every subject together, so in a way, I am his planner!  As he gets a bit older and works on more things independently, I can see this item as a much needed "school time" tracking system.

My only "issue" {which is more of a personal preference} would be to make the weekly schedules 5x a week, instead of including Saturday and Sunday.   I ended up drawing vertical lines down those days, or else I felt like we weren't completing our school week!  I do realize though that others may "do school" on the weekends, but we do not and if my son chose to do something, I wouldn't count it anyways.  Again, that is a personal preference.

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