STEAM Watercolor Line Art


My son and I did this Watercolor Line Art activity over the summer; it was a great way to share some one-on-one time while having fun exploring a fun paint medium and a way to sneak in some math concepts.

STEAM Watercolor Line Art
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Math and Art Activity

Simply use the ruler to draw lines-- parallel lines, diagonal lines, vertical lines, horizontal lines, perpendicular lines, short lines, long lines, etc. etc.-- all over the paper.  

We just drew lines wherever we chose, but this activity would also be neat with specific tasks, i.e. draw a line 5 inches, draw a vertical line,... and see what design you come up with!

STEAM Lines Art Activity

 Use a black crayon that is fairly "waxy" to create a watercolor resist.

Also, encourage your student to push a little bit harder than normal while drawing the lines so that they are darker.

Math Art

 Once your design is finished, start adding watercolor paint.

math art using watercolors

 Thus, this simple art/ math project creates a beautiful and creative piece of art!

watercolor line art

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