Apple Tree Pom Pom Painting {Includes Printable Template}


Believe it or not, but our very first pom pom painting was our Oh, the Places You'll Go Balloon Craft!

Yes, my son is seven and I made him do it.  I'm pretty sure he thought the whole process was a bit silly at first, but he warmed up to the idea.

Fast forward a week and we brought out the pom poms and paints again with this Pom Pom Apple Tree Painting!
apple fine motor skills craft

This time each kiddo (7, 3, 1) made his/her own Pom Pom Apple Tree Painting.

Johnny Appleseed was mentioned in my son's history readings and our science exploration activity was to learn about the parts of an apple tree.

We did the activity a bit differently {I tend to do things like that!} so that I could also do this with my 3 and 1 year old, too.

I made a Do A Dot tree printable and afterwards we used our hole punch to add our apples.

I felt the printable helped my 3 year old daughter stay on task in creating her own tree, but this printable could also be used to make a Fall tree by using additional paint colors.

printable Do A Dot tree

To make your own pom pom apple tree painting and work on those fine motor skills, you'll need:

Apple Craft for Kids

printable do a do tree template

As you may have noticed in the materials list, we aren't just using pom poms!

 For the tree trunk, your little one will practice grasping a q-tip to fill in the trunk of the tree.

Move onto the leaves by grabbing a pom pom, with your fingers or with the clothespin, and dot green paint in the circles to create your tree.

apple tree craft for kids

Next, add some paper-punched apples!

We started with our small hole punch, but the older ones preferred having extra large apples on their apple tree, so we used a 1'' circle hole punch.

fine motor skills apple craft

Love when we can combine all the kiddos together for a fun and simple project!

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