99 Fine Motor Ideas: See and Spray Game


To kick off the debut of our book, 99 Fine Motor Ideaswe decided to each share an idea from the book with a spin of our own.  

I may be a bit biased, but I had a hard time choosing an activity to do, because they all looked fun and engaging!  

In the end, I chose an idea from the Early Learning section-- P is for Preschooler's See and Spray Game.

see and spray fine motor skills game

So excited to share that I have {co} authored a book with my fabulous Fine Motor Fridays co-hosts!  The series, that was supposed to last four weeks, has celebrated its ONE year anniversary!

Over the course of the year we have shared activities that we have set up for our little ones-- ages 1+, to help encourage fine motor control and strengthening in the fingers, hands, and wrists.

To put it simply, "the hands have it!"

Fun Fine Motor Ideas for Kids

We are so excited to announce that we have collaborated together again to put our ideas into a BOOK for you to enjoy-- a physical print version, Kindle edition, and ebook.

At your disposal comes 99 of our favorite fine motor activities, in 7 different categories, that your child is sure to love!  It truly is a one stop resource for parents, care-givers, teachers.... any one who works with children ages 1-5!!

I especially loved that this idea can be adaptable to many different learning concepts- numbers, letters, math facts, sight words, spelling lists, name recognition, etc!!

And, who doesn't love to use a spray bottle?!?

To add our own spin on this easy set up activity, I drew several silly and playful looking monsters on our driveway with chalk, added a certain number of eyes, and handed my daughter some "Monster Spray."

The idea of this See and Spray Game was for me to call out a number and Little Sis was to find the monster with that many eyes and spray him away!

Outdoor Fine Motor Math Game

Big Brother wanted a chance to spray too, so we wrote the numbers 1-20 all over the driveway and I called out math facts.

See how simple it is to adapt to meet your needs?!

Now just think of all the possibilities available to you with 99 of our favorite and most loved fine motor activities?!

fine motor skills ideas

To see more ideas and adaptations from 99 Fine Motor Ideas, check out what my fellow co-authors are sharing!

Want to know more about the book?! Click below! We have a special on the pricing of our ebook for ONE week only-- until Oct. 31st!