Paint Chip Fish Craft for Preschoolers


Our Pet Themed Preschool Week was a success!

I'd like to highlight one of the activities we did-- our paint chip fish craft.

Preschool Fish Craft

What you'll need:

  • paint chip samples
  • hole punch
  • fish template
  • glue

Find a fish template online-- or draw out a basic outline yourself with a marker.

preschool fish craft

Hole punches are great for fine motor skills!  

Using the hole punch, show your child how to punch out circles using paint chip samples.

Once you have a stash, begin gluing them all over your fish template.

Once it is dried, cut out the fish to hang!
Preschool Paint Chip Fish Craft

Here's how the rest of our week went!

  • Pet Grid Game
  • Pet Collar Sizing-- I grabbed several stuffed animals of various sizes and cut thin strips of felt to make collars that fit around each animals neck.  Little sis was to match the felt collar to each animal.
  • Dog Bone ABC Match--  I cut out a large dog bone from brown construction paper and wrote the letters of the alphabet all over it.  I then had Little Sis use some alphabet letters we purchased from the Dollar Store to match the letters.
  • Simple Bird Seed Sensory Bin
For Fun:
  • We took a trip to the Pet Store!  We saw birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, and tons of cute dogs!  Such a fun little excursion!