Ice Castle Excavation: Preschool Princess Activities


My preschooler is ALL about princesses, so it was only natural for me to put together some learning activities around this theme!  My favorite part of this week was our Ice Castle Excavation activity.

preschool ice castle sensory activity

What you'll need:
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Preschool Sensory Activity

To prep your Ice Castle, grab a few princess items and place them in your castle shaped sand bucket.  Add a little bit of water and put in freezer until almost frozen.  Take it out and add some more jewels and water, then freeze.  Continue to do the same until the bucket is full of jewels and ice.

For the excavation, provide a bowl of salt, a dropper, Popsicle stick, and water {hot water is obviously going to melt the castle faster}.

This is a great time to ask, "How are we going to get those jewels out of the castle?" and present the materials.  Perhaps give your child cold/ lukewarm water first and see if they ask for hot water later....

Just add salt and water and chip away to collect those jewels!

Happy Excavating!!

ice castle excavation sensory activity

Here's some more Princess Fun we had this week:

  • Shape Crown Activity: I cut out several different shapes and had Little Sis put them together to make a crown shape.  I didn't get a picture, but I had a large rectangle, several triangles, a couple diamonds and hearts, and a circle.  
  • Jewel Color Matching:  I purchased a few packs of sequins and cut out crown shapes from different colored paper.  Little Sis was to match the jewel to the same colored crown.  
  • Little Sis traced over the letters of her name with the little jewels.
I had a few crafts in mind for this week, but we just didn't get around to them!

Just for Fun:
I am really trying to stay away from printables this time around as they are hit and/or miss with Little Sis, however 1+1+1=1 had some really cute Princess and Princess Sophia themed printables that involved cutting, coloring, graphing, etc. so we did those instead, and Little Sis had a great time!  I know I can get carried away printing all these cute printables out there, but moderation is key... for me, anyways!

Preschool Princess Themed Activities

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