Screen Free Fun for Kids: Recycled Magnetic Turkey


"Bring back PLAYTIME, all the time!" is the text that grabs your eye on the back cover of author Asia Citro's, MEd, new book, 150+ Screen Free Activities for Kids.

Asia Citro is also the creator of the popular activity blog, Fun at Home with Kids.

I believe meaningful playtime is a goal that every parent wants to fulfill-- but for a variety of reasons, imaginative and creative play often gets pushed aside for other readily available toys and activities.

With that in mind, this new book, 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids comes to the rescue with fun, practical, and creative ways to play.

150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids

150+ Screen Free Activities for Kids keeps play simple, yet fun and meaningful!  Asia shares beautiful pictures, activity instructions, extending play ideas, trouble-shooting tips for each of her activities in these categories:

  • Slimes
  • Doughs
  • Paints
  • Small Worlds
  • Simple Sensory Activities
  • Do-It-Yourself Toys

I love that this book acts as a perfect how-to guide for those that may not have made slimes, doughs, small worlds, etc. before OR as inspiration to those that just need some basic outline of play activities but from there feel inspired to do other things--- like we did!

We had the privilege of getting our hands on this book and decided to give one of Asia's Do-It-Yourself Toys a try.

We chose to put our own festive spin on the Recycled Mix-and-Match Robots.  

Since it is near Thanksgiving here, we decided to turn our magnetic robots into magnetic turkeys!!

{we received this book for free in exchange for an honest review}
activity inspired by 150 screen free activities for kids book

I just needed a few materials that I already had on hand and a can of spray paint, and we were ready to make our magnetic turkeys.  

And sure enough, this activity kept my 3 and 1 year old busy for at least 20 minutes to a half hour as they tried to manipulate the feathers and magnets and did a little pretend play.  

Another day it kept them just as busy!  

150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids

When we first received our book for this review, my son "Ooh-ed and Ahh-ed" from front to back cover!!

I asked him to tag some pages of other activities he'd like to try and he took that job seriously!

We look forward to making:

  • Simple Two-Ingredient Slime
  • Basil Seed Slime
  • Foaming Snowman
  • Glowing All-Natural Gel Fingerpaints
  • Glow in the Dark Insect World

150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids

As full of inspiration as this book is, at first glance it can be overwhelming!

Where do I begin? What would the kids like to do?  Do I have that material? 

Thankfully, Asia starts the book with easy tips for how to get started and challenges readers to do one thing; "[Start] right now, if you can!"  

She also includes a supply list of 15 items that you most likely already have in your pantry that you would need to do over fifty of the activities.  From there Asia recommends "mapping out the week."

Having a plan is key to putting this book in action.

150+ Screen Free Activities for Kids includes ideas for babies to ages 5+!

So no matter how old your child is currently, you will surely find some activity to keep them busy playing and having fun for the time being and years to come.

I'd also like to point out, that although we do not have issues with food allergies in our home, many families do and Asia is aware of that and has made many of her play recipes egg, soy, dairy, etc free so that everyone can play!

I love having books to glean inspiration from and I know my kids enjoy playing, so 150+ Screen Free Activities for Kids has been a fun edition to our bookshelf!

It would make a great gift for a parent, care-giver, preschool teacher, grandparent, etc!

Over on her blog, Fun At Home With Kids, Asia put together an awesome DIY Sensory Kit using her book and some simple products that would make an awesome gift this holiday season!

150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids

The book is available for purchase world-wide.  If you don't see a link for your country, email Asia at and she  will happily track one down for you!

I'd love for you to follow along so you never miss out on one of our fun activities we share at School Time Snippets!
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