Fall Rhyme to Teach Your Toddler Colors


Using a DIY felt board, this fall rhyme is a fun and playful way to teach colors to toddlers!  Extension ideas include sorting leaves, creative play, counting, and more!

fall rhyme

Last year I shared a fun and playful apple tree color chant, and today I'm re-sharing that activity with our Felt Fall Tree.

Fall Rhyme 

Our Felt Fall Tree also lends itself for some free-play-- in the words of Little Sis, "Let's Decorate!" 

Love when there are multiple ways to play and explore during an activity.  I obviously had it in my mind to use it as a playful way to reinforce colors, but Little Sis also enjoyed sorting the leaves, decorating, counting, and having the "wind" blow all the leaves off the tree!


fall rhyme using felt tree

DIY Felt Board

Make a super simple felt board with a large piece of felt and an old picture frame!  Cut your felt to fit over the glass frame and tuck the edges in with the prongs on the back of the frame.  Trim excess felt edges if needed.

DIY Felt Tree

With a super simple felt board made, use your stash of felt to make the tree trunk and leaves.

To prep for this activity, you'll need to gather some felt!  Brown for the tree trunk and any and every color you wish to use for the leaves.  While getting this activity ready, Little Sis insisted on blue, pink, and black leaves, too!

From a whole sheet of brown felt I cut out the tree trunk and then eye-balled a leaf-like shape for the leaves in all the other colors.  

Fall Rhyme to learn colors

Once everything is cut out, it is time to learn the fall rhyme!  Originally this rhyme/ song/ chant included a monkey, but since we did this activity in the fall, we changed up the animal to a squirrel.

The fall rhyme goes like this:
Little Squirrel, little squirrel 
up in the tree...
Can you get all the [color] leaves down for me?....

Your toddler will love playing the part of the "little squirrel,"  I know my daughter did!! 

Continue the rhyme until all the leaves are off the tree.  

fall rhyme for toddlers

Have fun playing and exploring colors with your toddler with this super simple and cute fall rhyme! 

Extension Ideas:

  • Practice 1:1 correspondence by counting the leaves
  • Make simple patterns with the leaves
  • Imaginative play - have the "wind" blow the leaves around the room & have your toddler rake them up.
  • sort the leaves by color
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Apples, leaves, and pumpkins OH MY!

From applsauce oobleck to leafy names to pumpkin hopping.... your preschooler will have fun learning and playing!!

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