Pipe Cleaner Words: Hands-on Spelling Activity


We are working our way through All About Spelling Level 2  and every once in a while I will change up how we practice our spelling list for each section.

Sometimes it is:
drawing on the mirror with dry erase markers...
using stamps and play dough...
building the words using our abc puzzle stickers...

.... and our latest way to practice our spelling list was with pipe cleaners!

pipe cleaner words spelling activity

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Hands-on Spelling Practice

To prep the activity, grab your stash of pipe cleaners!!

Make the letters of the alphabet; we did a-z, but that wasn't really necessary; we also made a few extra of some of the letters that might be doubled like, 'e', 's', etc.....

Obviously making doubles will depend on your spelling list.

Spelling with Pipe Cleaner Letters

Once the letters were all made, I simply read the spelling word and had my son build it with pipe cleaners!

hands-on spelling practice with pipe cleaners

pipe cleaner words

Have fun manipulating those pipe cleaners and reviewing your child's spelling list!

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