10 Book and Toy Gift Sets for Toddlers


We love adding books to our home library!  

It is ever-growing and I am perfectly O.K with that : )  

For fun I thought I'd put together a list of some of our favorite books for 2-3 year olds and add in a toy that can go-along with the book to extend play! 

10 Book and Toy Gift Sets for Toddlers
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Hope you find a new book and/or toy to add to your reading and playing at home!  We have all these books and toys and they are well loved!

Book Gift Ideas for Toddlers

The Happy Man and His Dump Truck was given to us at Big Brother's Baby Shower!  

It is a sweet and simple Golden Book about a {happy}man driving about town when he picks up some animals to take along for the ride.  The animals loved the trip and loved when the man "tipped the dumper all the way up!"  

A cute go along toy for this book is the Kid-O Dump Truck.  Little Brother received this for his 1st Birthday.  

Robots, Robots Everywhere! is another Golden Book that is full of cute and playful rhyming text.  

To extend play after reading this book, my {newly turned} 2 year old has been loving his Mix and Match Robot Set!

Corduroy is a bear in a large department store waiting for someone to come along and take him home.  

One day a little girl comes along and decides that is the bear she has always wanted; unfortunately, she has to leave the store without the bear as her mother remarks that "he's lost one of his buttons." Later that night Corduroy goes on a quest to find his missing button!  

We love love love this book! 

And to extend this story, the Melissa and Dough Big Button Number Fun would be perfect.

This was one of Little Sis's favorite books when she was 2!  

How could you not love the text.... "I'm a Pout Pout fish with a pout pout face, so I spread the dreary wearies all over the place... Blub, Blub, Blub!!"  

A great go-along toy for this book is a magnetic fish game-- little brother loves this, too!

I had picked up "Who Said Moo?" at some point when Big Brother was 2 or 3 and love this book by Harriet Ziefert!  

Red Rooster goes on a quest to find out who said Moo!  Along the way he meets several animals in this fun lift a flap book.  

To extend the story, have fun with String a Farm by ALEX Toys.  

You'll never guess what happens if you give a mouse a cookie!  

After reading, play with this fun Counting Cookies set.

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? is another very loved book.  

It is full of playful and rhyming text as it goes through Jesse Bear's day.  

And almost as if it was made to go along with this book exactly, the Melissa and Doug Wooden Bear Family Dress-Up Puzzle is a great way to extend play!

Go, Dog, Go! is not only a great story for your beginning/ early readers to enjoy, but little ones will love it, too! 

Add in the Pop and Push Car and the two make a great gift!

Llama, llama Time To Share is a great book to emphasize and reinforce the importance of sharing-- and how much fun it is! 

 Llama llama meets his new neighbor and has a hard time finding something they both can play with together... until Nelly takes matters into her own hands.  

One of the toys they played with together was blocks-- a toy for sharing, or for individual play.

Baby Brother has really taken to The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear.  

This is a MUST have book!  

It is a story yet you as the reader are fully engaged in the story line-- so clever!  In the end, the little mouse must figure out a way to eat the red ripe strawberry before the big hungry bear gets him.... 

And this cutting fruit set will help you figure out just how he little mouse kept the strawberry for himself!