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Clothespin Name Recognition Busy Bag

Little Sis has been very enthusiastic lately about trying to write and spell her name, mom, dad, and her brother's names.  

Trying to take advantage of this moment in time to help her recognize the letters in her name, I put together an easy name activity using clothespins.  It's an easy activity to put together; add it to a baggie when all done and bring it out another day-- it's a perfect busy bag activity!

Gotta keep working on those fine motor skills, too : ) 
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preschool name recognition busy bag

To put together your own clothespin name activity, gather:

Preschool Name Recognition Busy Bag

Simply write your child's name onto the popsicle stick with a marker.

Next attach a letter sticker to each clothespin.

Name Recognition Busy Bag for Preschoolers

Invite your child to match the letters on the clothespin to the letters on the popsicle stick.

working on fine motor skills

Activity complete!  Add it to a baggie and save the activity for later!  The perfect busy bag activity to whip out when you need a quick moment to do something around the house, or take with you in the car or on long trips!  

Easy to put together and occupy your little one for a few minutes : )  

This could easily be adaptable to the alphabet, numbers, and/or words!

Fine Motor Name Recognition for Preschoolers

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