Easy Clothespin Name Learning Activity for Preschoolers


Work on letter matching with this simple preschool name activity!  Your preschooler will work on fine motor skills and learn the letters in his/her name! 

Little Sis has been very enthusiastic lately about trying to write and spell her name, mom, dad, and her brother's names.  

Trying to take advantage of this moment in time to help her recognize the letters in her name, I put together an easy name activity using clothespins.  This preschool name activity can't get much simpler!  It's perfect for toddlers and preschoolers just learning the letters in his/her name and is a great way to work on fine motor skills, too!  

It's an easy activity to put together; add it to a baggie when all done and bring it out another day-- it's a perfect busy bag activity!

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preschool name activity using clothespins

Preschool Name Activity

Learning one's name is fun for little ones!  They love pointing to letters in random places that are also in their name.  This clothespin name activity is a simple way to introduce your child how to spell their name, well before they are able to write it.  

To put together your own clothespin name activity, gather:

This clothespin name activity makes a great busy bag.

Simply write your child's name onto the popsicle stick with a marker.

Next attach a letter sticker to each clothespin.  Alternatively, you could forgo the stickers, but I personally love the pop of color they bring to the activity!

Add all the materials to a ziplock bag or small box, and you have yourself an easy to use busy bag activity for home or while out and about!

Name Recognition Busy Bag for Preschoolers

Match the letters by clipping the clothespin.

Invite your child to match the letters on the clothespin to the letters on the popsicle stick.

You may find that your child clips the letters upside down, but congratulate them for their effort.

To prevent upside down letters, encourage your child to clip the clothespin from the top.

working on fine motor skills

And this preschool name activity is complete!  

Preschool Name Activity for Fine Motor Skills

To further encourage working on fine motor skills, have your child pinch the clothespins off the popsicle stick. 

I just love that this name activity is easy to put together and will occupy your little one for a few minutes : )  

This could easily be adaptable to the alphabet, numbers, and/or words!

preschool name activity

Uppercase vs. Lowercase Letters for Learning One's Name

Whether you are in the Do Not teach all uppercase letters camp, or  teach both at the same time, or the "I haven't really thought about it" camp, this easy name learning activity is adaptable to all! 

Arguments can be made for or against teaching your child their name in all uppercase letters.  I taught my first using all capital letters, but my other's I have introduced both uppercase and lowercase letters at the same time.  I have found that when they begin writing, ALL my kiddos used uppercase letters when first learning how to write their name-- regardless of how I taught them letters.  Uppercase letters are much easier to write for little hands as most letters consist of straight lines.  Many learning manipulatives only show uppercase letters, too.

All that to say that if you are in the camp of not teaching all capital letters, use lowercase instead!  Or write their name as you would on a piece of paper-- an uppercase first letter and lowercase the rest : )

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