Sense of Touch Textured Bear Craft for Kids


One of our recent Playful Preschool Themes was centered around the book, Corduroy.  

Along with reading the book, we added in an overall theme of bears.  

We counted with our teddy bear counters, made a B is for Bear Alphabet Craft, and tied it all back to the loveable bear, Corduroy, by making some delicious peanut butter button cookies!
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preschool bear craft

Bear Preschool Craft

To highlight our week, I thought I'd share our Textured Bear Craft.  


  • printable bear template
  • fabric scraps
  • glue

Being inspired by Corduroy's name, I grabbed a bunch of random fabrics of different textures-- ribbon, fabric, foam, etc.

I set up all the craft materials at a small table in our school room and invited Little Sis to come over and explore them with me.

We talked about how the different materials felt-- soft, hard, bumpy, scratchy, etc....

Next I invited her and Big Brother to create their own Textured Bear using any and all of the materials!

preschool bear craft

I love how they turned out!

They are both so unique and different; each with a distinct personality-- just like my kiddos!

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