Learn Multiplication Facts with Cotton Snowballs


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During our week rowing Snowflake Bentley, we brought out some snowballs {aka cotton balls} and had fun using them as a manipulative to learn multiplication.
Snowball Multiplication using cotton ball manipulatives
Snowflake Bentley is part of Five in a Row's Literature based curriculum.  The Five in a Row math lesson suggested learning about multiplication facts for the number six because a snowflake has six sides.  

Hands-on Multiplication

To begin, I grabbed a circular tray to use so that we could easily separate the snowballs into "groups." With a bag of snowballs at our disposal, we worked through multiplication facts for number six.  I wrote out a few problems and had my son use the snowballs to answer the problems.
We worked through a few problems and my son caught on quickly!  With the tray, my son was able to see that we are adding another group of six each time.  

Afterwards, the snowballs make for a great snowball fight! : )

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