Letter Bowling Name Recognition Game


Little Sis has really taken a liking to writing the letters in her name lately-- and everyone else's name, too!  To seize the moment, I've been creating some playful ways for her to continue to recognize the letters in her own name.

She actually knows the letters needed to spell her short name, "Abby" {albeit they typically are in the wrong order!}, but lately I've been working on her recognizing her full name.

Our latest playful name recognition activity was several rounds of Name Bowling!
Fun Preschool Recognition Game

It is a very easy game to set-up and tear down! To make your own personalized name bowling set, you'll need:

Fun Preschool Name Recognition Game

Grab as many clothes pegs as there are letters in your child's name.

On each clothes peg, attatch a letter sticker until the pegs spell your child's name.
I chose to use different colors for each letter to help us keep track of the letters Little Sis knocked down.

Preschool Name Recognition Bowling Game

I set up the clothes pegs, verbally spelling Little Sis's name as I stood them up.

Ironically, it was her 2 year old brother who was repeating the letters I was saying!

Once they were arranged, I gave Little Sis the marble and had her roll the marble towards the pins.

Preschool Name Recognition Bowling Game

After each roll, we would gather the pins she knocked down and she would cross off the letters on her "Score Sheet."

Preschool Name Recognition Bowling Game
I set up the Score Sheet to play six times, but we played many more times than that!  She loved the game!

This game could be played on a much larger scale, too-- with recycled bottles, but I love this miniature version and it doubles as a busy bag activity to pull out another day!

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