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Handprint Art Project for Father's Day

Handprint Art Projects are often given to mother's and grandmother's, but what about DAD?  

Father's might want to have a keepsake of their children's sweet little hands, too!

One idea is this adorable Handprint Art Project inspired by Pop Artist Andy Warhol.

This art project is very versatile and great for any gift giving occasion to create a keepsake of your precious child's {children's} handprint-- don't you just want to remember those little hands forever?!

Not to mention this is a great way to sneak in some learning about the artist, Andy Warhol and printmaking, too!

Handprint art keepsake for kids
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Andy Warhol was an American artist who lead the Pop Art Movement of the 1960's.  His most popular works are paintings of mass-produced products-- think Campbell's Soup Can.  He developed a technique involving silk screening an image to create repetitive designs.  You will also notice that his works of art contain POPS of color!

While not recreating Andy Warhol's techniques, we were inspired by his repetitive designs and created this one-of-a-kind handprint art project perfect for Father's Day!

Handprint Art Project

What you need:

With three kiddos, I decided to break the canvas into fourths and have each kiddo make a handprint-- one handprint per square

In the fourth section, I had my oldest write a little message : ) How you decide to break up your picture will depend on number of children and the size of your canvas.

Next, I painted each section a different color.

Being that I was giving this to my hubby for Father's Day, we chose to use red, blue, gray, and green.

Once dried, paint your child's hand and have them press down in one section of the canvas.

Warhol Inspired Hand Print Art

Love how it turned out and hubby got a special, personalized handprint keepsake from his sweet kiddos!

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