Letter O Craft


What swims in the ocean and begins with the letter O?  

Our next alphabet craft for the letter o-- O is for Octopus!  Your toddler, preschooler, and/or kindergartener will love creating this fun, hands-on letter o craft!  Letter crafts are a great way to help your child recognize each letter and the sound each letter makes.  Learn through play by creating your own letter o craft!

Letter O Craft
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My preschooler loved putting her octopus together using a few simple materials we already had at home.  As with any craft, adapt it to fit the materials you have on hand... but trips to the craft store are always fun (and necessary), too!

To make your own O is for Octopus alphabet craft, you'll need:

Letter O Craft

Our letter O craft took us to the ocean, which would make another great craft idea for the letter o.  We have been creating a letter craft independently from a Letter of the Week type curriculum, but this O is for Octopus would be a fun addition to your letter o week or an ocean theme!  

Other fun letter o activities and/or crafts might involve: owls, oranges, otters, Olaf, ornaments, the Olympics, etc!  

o is for octopus letter craft


To begin, cut the letter O from a piece of construction paper.  

If your child is interested, have him/her use a do a dot marker to dot circles all over the "O."  

Next, glue on a a pair of googly eyes!  

Then, glue or tape 8 pieces of ribbon to the bottom part of the "O."  ** Alternatively, ribbon would work for the octopus "legs,'' too. To sneak in math skills, talk about how the octopus has eight legs & practice counting up and down from 8!

Finally, glue the octopus to another sheet of construction paper! Add a few waves with scissors to the top, if you choose and your alphabet craft is complete!

Letter O Craft for preschool




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