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O is for Octopus Alphabet Craft

What swims in the ocean and begins with the letter O?  Our next alphabet craft-- O is for Octopus!

My preschooler loved putting her octopus together using a few simple materials we already had at home.

Letter O Craft
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To make your own O is for Octopus alphabet craft, you'll need:

Preschool Alphabet Craft

Letter O Craft

To begin, cut the letter O from a piece of construction paper.  

If your child is interested, have him/her use a do a dot marker to dot circles all over the "O."  

Next add a pair of googly eyes!  

Then glue or tape 8 pieces of ribbon to the bottom part of the "O."  

Finally glue the octopus to another sheet of construction paper! Add a few waves with scissors to the top, if you choose and your alphabet craft is complete!

Letter O Craft

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