Top 10 Homeschool Room Essentials


We have been blessed with an extra room in our house that we have designated as the school room, however, we often "do school" throughout the house.  I am a firm believer that learning happens anywhere and everywhere.  So whether or not you have a designated school room, here are 10 essentials to have in your homeschool room or around the house to start your homeschool year off right! 
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In no particular order, here are my Top 10 Homeschool Room Essentials to make sure you have ready to go for this upcoming school year.

Homeschool Room Supplies


1.  Laminator 

When we began Big Brother's 4K homeschool year, I started without a laminator , but when Christmas came around I realized it became a must with all my printing!  And now, several years later I can re-use all of the printables I used for big brother with my younger ones!  It has definitely become a staple in our homeschool!  Oh, and while we are at it, don't forget an extra pack of laminating pouches!  You might just get a bit obsessed.... you've been forewarned ; )

Just think of all the laminating possibilities-- you can make your own games, signs, and/or even laminate some of the digital products in this year's Build Your Own Bundle Sale!  Laminating certain products will help them last longer, or be re-used throughout the week!

2. Map/ Globe

A world/ country map and globe will be a must for your history and/or geography lessons!  There are plenty of maps to choose from, but definitely buy one of the States {or country you live in} and the world.  And get it laminated!!  Some days my kiddos are geography nuts and ask "Where in the world is..... "  and it is so resourceful to be able to just head on over to our map and point it out!   Or look for the States and World Map in a fabric print!  We were gifted with a yard of each, and they can easily be put away, laid on, or if you are crafty make it into some sort of blanket!  If are learning countries this year, a neat addition is to make Flag Garland as a keepsake and/or to review!

3. Shelves and/or 10 Drawer Organizer

Not gonna lie, I am a bit obsessed with shelving units!  We have shelves in our school room closet, a large 9 cube shelving unit, and a three shelf unit.  And I definitely wouldn't say "no" to another one!  {Well, maybe I would... as there might not be room for us then! ha!}  But shelves are a great way to display books, tot trays, preschool activities, craft supplies, puzzles, games, etc. etc!

The 10 Drawer Organizer is great to use for a Workbox System {check out our free Workbox Labels!} or I originally used them to hold Little Sis' Puzzles and games.

4. Wall Calendar

I am loving this dry erase wall calendar!  I have always wanted to keep up with some sort of calendar time with Little Sis, but have yet to be consistent and our cheap paper calendar didn't last long.  With one in view, your child will learn calendar skills, counting, days of week, etc!

5. Manipulatives

Our school room closet is filled with manipulatives-- buttons, gems, plastic ice cubes, pom poms, etc etc!  They are great to have on hand for math, letter recognition, and crafting!  Check out ways to use them to make math fun in your homeschool!

6. Chalk Board  

We have a dry erase/ chalkboard easel and my younger ones love making marks, drawing pictures, letters.... anything.  It is a great item to keep in the corner to keep your little ones busy!

7. Dry Erase Board


Along with our chalkboard/ dry erase easel, we have a giant magnetic dry erase board and if you are an All About Spelling User, this. is. a. must!

8. Table and Chairs


Kinda  a no-brainer, right?!  Make it easily accessible and have plenty of room for everyone, whether that means each child has their own "desk" or a large surface everyone shares.  And if you have space, add in a comfy chair or floor pillows for an extra space to do work.  School work doesn't need to be confined to a table!

9. Pencil Sharpener.  

Have one handy, you are gonna need it!  And make sure you are stocked up on pencils.  I've heard amongst other homeschoolers that ticonderoga pencils are. the. best, or for fun pick up some Smencils!

10. Bible Verse.  

Last but not least, have a school room motto or bible verse to keep you inspired and refreshed.  Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart.  Some days are long. Some days are stressful.  Some days are just plain not fun. So help steer attitudes in a positive direction  and know that homeschooling is a journey and that we'll need the Lord's help daily every step of the way!  See how we displayed our Verse of the Week two years ago.

For more inspiration, check out our homeschool room!

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