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Apple Adjective Wheel for Kids

Explore adjectives with your early elementary student(s) with this interactive adjective wheel.

parts of speech Adjective Wheel
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Prior to a little mini summer break, my son was working on finishing up Preparing to Build 2nd Grade Grammar Curriculum by Rod and Staff.  We've explored sentences vs. phrase, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.  Of all the concepts, adjectives seem to be the trickiest to understand, so as we jump back into our curriculum to finish and move onto the next book, we joined in with some Blogging Buddies to explore adjectives with this week's Apple Theme.

Parts of Speech Adjective Wheel

What you need:

parts of speech adjective wheel

To prep this activity, I cut out an apple shape from red construction paper, leaf from the green paper, and a stem from the brown construction paper.  Cut a rectangle out of the apple. Cut a large circle out of the white construction paper.  Place the white paper underneath the apple and place a brad into the red and white papers to keep them together.

Have your student glue the leaf and stem onto the apple shape.

Talk about adjectives and how they are used to describe a nouns-- in this case, we will be describing an apple.

I had my son write, "This apple is" to the right of the rectangle shape I cut out of the apple.  Now we have created a fill-in-the-blank type activity all about adjectives.  {note to self: it would have been easier to put the rectangle in the middle of the apple}.  Finish the activity by completing the sentence, "This apple is....." by filling the blank with an adjective!

He wrote:
This apple is red.
This apple is cold.
This apple is yummy.
This apple is wet.

apple adjective wheel parts of speech idea

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