K Letter Craft


Let's learn about the letter K!  Whether you do letter of the week lesson plans, or just craft as you feel like it {like we do}, making alphabet crafts are a fun, hands-on way to recognize the shape of each letter and aid in phonemic awareness. Make this K letter craft with your preschooler and/ or kindergartener to teach them that kite begins with /k/!

letter K craft
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  • Heavy Cardstock White Paper
  • Painter's Tape
  • Paint brush
  • Various Colors of paint

Letter K Craft

How to Make This Letter K Kite Craft

To set up our K is for Kite craft, I cut out a diamond from heavy white paper and taped a 'K' in the middle using painter's tape.  

I squirted various colors of paint onto a plate for my daughter to use and let her paint to her hearts content!

K is for Kite Preschool Craft

Once she was finished, we let the kite dry and then peeled off the painter's tape. 

 I punched a hole near the bottom of the kite and added some gift ribbon for the kite's tail.

letter K kite craft

Have you been crafting through the alphabet?  What did you do for the letter K?

Letter K Kite Craft

In addition to our K is for Kite craft, enjoy learning about the letter k with these themes: keys, koala, kangaroo, and kitten.  Can you think of some other fun themes for the letter k?

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