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Hibernation Sensory Bag to Explore Animals in Winter

I finally created another unique sensory experience after having a blast with our Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Bags.

For our Creative Preschool Hibernation theme, we put together a unique way to explore animals in winter with this Hibernation Sensory Bag.

preschool hibernation sensory activity
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After learning about animal hibernation from the book, Do Polar Bears Snooze in Hollow Trees, I was inspired to put together a sensory bag that works on fine motor and matching skills.

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Try this hibernation activity with your preschool aged child!

Preschool Hibernation Sensory Activity

What you need:

preschool hibernation activity

How To Make A Hibernation Sensory Bag:

To create this unique sensory challenge, place a sticker on each stone.

Draw out your scene with a black sharpie on the gallon sized plastic bag.  I created a hollow tree, a cave, and a few places for animals to burrow underground or near a pond.

Add in some corn syrup {or hair gel} to your ziplock bag.

Next, add your stones to the bag.

Zip and tape up the bag.

Move the gems around so they get mixed in with the corn syrup and it is ready to manipulate!

preschool hibernation sensory activity

Present the sensory bag to your child and have him/her manipulate the animal gems into the place that it would hibernate.

preschool hibernation sensory bag activity

This activity is a creative way to explore where animals go in the winter time.

Please note that bears and raccoons do not experience true hibernation, but for the sake of keeping things simple with little ones, we used those two animals in our activity.

Bears hibernate in caves.  Raccoons curl up in hollow trees. Frogs actually freeze solid.  And, squirrels and skunks bury themselves in the ground.

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