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Letter E Elmo Craft

Teach your toddler or preschooler the ABC's by crafting a letter each week! For the letter E, make this cute Elmo craft!

Letter E Elmo Craft

We may not watch Sesame Street over here, but we were inspired by the famous little red monster for our latest letter craft-- E is for Elmo!
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Letter E Craft

What you need:
  • Letter E template
  • orange circle
  • two white circles
  • black half-circle
  • fork
  • red paint

E is for Elmo

e is for elmo

How to Make this Simple E is for Elmo Craft

Free hand or print out a large uppercase E on a white sheet of paper.

Make the famous Sesame Street character by painting the letter E red using a fork to make Elmo's furry body.

Squirt several small drops of red paint on the E, and have your child use the fork to make a furry body by pulling the fork back towards you.  Pull the fork back in various directions.  Allow the paint to dry.

Once that is dry, make a small black circle in each white circle-- these will be Elmo's' eyes.

Glue the eyes to the top of the E.

Next, add Elmo's orange nose and mouth.

Letter E Craft

It turned out to be such a cute and simple alphabet craft for the Letter E!

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