LEGO Printed Robot Art


Have fun creating robot prints using your stash of Legos!  This Lego Printed Robot Art activity is a great way to unleash your preschooler's imagination and creativity.  

Just have fun, embrace the mess, and have fun creating a one-of-a-kind robot!

lego printed robot preschool art project
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 We have collected quite a stash of Lego Duplos from various sets, but you may enjoy making robot lego prints with MegaBlocks or smaller Lego pieces-- using any of these will also work on fine motor skills!

I chose Lego Duplos as I thought they would be easier for my preschooler to handle when dipped in paint-- so just use your judgement.

Printmaking with LEGOs

What you need:

preschool robot theme

I chose to work on foil because I thought it would make our robots more "robot-like."  And because working with shiny foil is pretty cool! 

Lay out a bunch of lego pieces and big globs of paint.  

Encourage your child to make a robot by stamping the legos into the paint and then onto the foil.  

Talk about what pieces to use for the body, neck, eyes, arms, legs, feet, etc!

preschool robot theme

 My 8 year old joined in the fun too, and both he and my preschooler made two robots.

I had fun making one and now we have a little collection of Lego Stamped Robots!

Such a fun art project with endless possibilities!!

preschool robot theme

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