Outer Space Number Line Math Practice


Working with a number line is a great visual for children to see math in action.

It helps visualize number order and how numbers relate to one another.

With my 2nd Grade Blogging Friends, I've created a way to work on math skills using a number line in this week's Outer Space theme.

printable number line
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Because children don't fit in the same mold and are often at different levels of understanding, I left the number line blank so that you can customize it to your child's abilities.

This activity can be adapted a variety of different ways and used with numbers that are appropriate for your child.

Number Line Printable

Each number line also comes with three rockets.

For fine motor practice, laminate and attach the rockets to clothespins!  Or tape them to a craft stick.   

Laminate the number lines and use with dry erase markers so that they are re-use able.

Mark the number lines and work on a variety of math skills that you see fit.

number line math practice

How we used this printable:

Big Brother just so happened to learn about using a number line to work on multiplication, so I took our number lines and attached them together to make one giant number line!

We then focused on different problems, such as 5x3 and 3x5 and drew the two different ways our rocket would blast off to reach the number 15!

We also made our own clothespin rocket.

We colored a clothespin with marker and cut a triangle and trapezoid shape from card stock.

Before adding our shapes, we taped some shredded gift paper to the bottom of our rocket to be our fire!

We  then glued the triangle to the top of our rocket and the trapezoid over our shredded paper on the bottom.

Finally, added three white circles for windows and our rocket was ready to blast off!

number line math practice

Here are some other ways to use the number lines:
  • Mark in odd numbers and have child mark where the even number would be.
  • Practice counting on/ subtracting using tens or hundreds
  • Find the number {Where would you fine number 84 on the number line, etc.}
  • Use as a visual to show multiplication

Download your Space Themed Number Line Here!

Clipart Coyrights: Star Border provided by Clips by Jenn |Rocket clipart provided by ReviDevi| Planet and Space Clipart created by Sara Kerr

For a more interactive number line activity, check out our PAPER BAG NUMBER LINE


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