DIY Snowflake Window Clings: So Simple Kids Can Make!


Cuddle with your kiddo(s) and read a book or two about snowflakes, and then make your own unique snowflake window clings.  A great winter afternoon craft for kids of all ages!

easy snowflake craft

Our first big snowfall has come and gone already.  The kiddos had so much fun playing in it; they are anxiously awaiting the next time they get to wear all their winter gear to play in the snow.

Until then, a great book to read about Snow is Snowflake Bentley.

It is the story of Wilson Bentley, aka The Snowflake Man, who discovered no two snowflakes are alike through his interest in photography.  It is hard to believe that every snowflake that fell during our first snowstorm were all different!

After reading Snowflake Bentley, we were inspired to make a fun and simple snowflake craft-- snowflake window clings!  Our Snowflake Window Clings will have to appease the kiddos until the next snowfall.
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Snowflake Window Clings Craft for Kids

What you need:

How to Make Snowflake Window Clings

We printed off Snowflake Coloring Sheets from our friends at Itsy Bitsy Fun for our snowflake template.  However, feel free to search for other snowflake coloring sheets online.

easy snowflake craft

Cover the coloring page with wax paper and trace the snowflake pattern with a liberal amount of puffy paint.

If you have followed us for a while, you know that I love sneaking in fine motor practice in our crafts and activities, and these DIY Snowflake Window Clings are a PERFECT way to get your kiddo working on hand strength!  Scroll down to the wayyyy bottom of this post and you'll find a book full of more fun fine motor ideas!

We kept our snowflakes realistic looking by using white puffy paint; however get a little crazy and feel free to use any color your kiddo wants!  A blue snowflake?  Sure!  Why not!

fine motor skils snowflake craft

Put the puffy paint snowflakes up high where curious little hands won't reach and touch to see if they are dry yet! 

Let the snowflakes dry overnight.

easy snowflake craft for kids

Once dry, carefully peel the snowflakes from the wax paper and add the homemade Snowflake Window Clings to your window!

These Snowflake Window Clings are a great craft to make in addition to reading Snowflake Bentley...  or another favorite snow themed book.

More Snow Themed Books to Read:

Snowflake Window Clings Extension Activity

We ended up making five snowflake window clings, which there just so happens to be a rhyme called Five Little Snowflakes that I shared with my younger kiddos.  As we said the rhyme, we took a snowflake off the window-- such a playful way to introduce math concepts to the young ones.

puffy paint snowflake craft for kids

I know Puffy Paint isn't the cheapest art supply to buy when dealing with kids, but it sure is fun to create with!  Here are some more puffy paint activities we've made:

puffy paint craftpuffy paint craft

More Snow Bookspiration!

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