Make Your Own Ninja Finger Puppets!


Make your ninja loving kiddo a ninja finger puppet!  Your preschooler will love this creative preschool activity!

ninja puppet craft

We have joined our Creative Preschool friends this week to share some fun Ninja Theme activities!  

My 3 year old is ALL about Ninjas {...what little boy isn't?!}, so I decided to create something with him in mind this week.  We made Ninja Finger Puppets
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What you need to make your own Ninja Finger Puppets:

  • Foam
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Circle Template
  • Glue Gun/ Sticks
  • Sharp Knife (!) Please be watchful using around little hands!

Ninja Craft

I chose to use foam for our Ninja Finger Puppets for a few reasons: 1. More durable for rough-housing and 2. I recently purchased a huge pack of it, so it was the material I had on hand.

Alternatively, you could make these Ninja Finger Puppets with card stock or thin cardboard like a cereal box.

how to make finger puppet

With your circle template, trace a circle on a white and colored piece of foam.

From your piece of colored foam, cut a thin strip for where you would like the eyes to be.  

Use that strip to make the "ties" hanging off the ninja mask.  

You will now have 3 pieces of colored foam-- a small half-circle, a thin strip, and a larger half-circle.

Because we are working with foam, you will need a heavy duty glue and I chose to use my handy hot glue gun.  

Be watchful near little hands!   

Glue your colored foam onto the white circle.  

The small half-circle to the top.  The larger half-circle to the bottom, and cut the thin strip into two pieces and glue to the back of your ninja.  

With a marker, add two eyes to the white part that is showing.

DIY Ninja Finger Puppet

With a sharp knife, cut into the foam where your child's fingers will go.  

Once you've cut into it, trade for scissors to cut a circle shape.  

Up until now, your child would be able to help out with a lot of this process.  

Cutting through the foam with a knife and scissors is definitely for the parents, teachers, and/or caregivers!  

I apologize in advance that this part is not necessarily easy, but I am glad that we used foam. I think they will last a lot longer! 

And now your Ninja Finger Puppet(s) is ready to go.... "Hi-Ya!!"

Easy to Make Ninja Finger Puppet Craft

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