Mini Wreath Pipe Cleaner Ornament


As I dig between the colorful christmas bulbs to find an ornament one of my kiddos made, memories come flooding back.  For this pipe cleaner ornament, memories of twisting and tired fingers quickly come to mind! This pipe cleaner ornament is great for older kids to start and for little hands to help complete; everyone can be involved.  This mini wreath ornament is a labor of love and looks great hanging on our tree.

pipe cleaner ornament

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Tis' the season for kid made ornaments!  From fingerprint snowmen to handprint reindeer to twigsicles, my kids love creating something new to add to our tree each year. 

This pipe cleaner christmas wreath ornament is a great way to involve the bigger kids, as all the twisting may tire out the little ones, but you won't be able to resist this sweet mini wreath ornament. 

Pipe Cleaner Ornament

What you need:

Cut several green pipe cleaners into fourths.

To create your pipe cleaner wreath, show your child how to fold the pipe cleaner in half and twist the ends of the pipe cleaner around the ring.

pipe cleaner ornament

As you continue wrapping and twisting green pipe cleaners all around the wooden ring, it will fill out and eventually look like a mini christmas wreath.  

Exactly what we are going for!  

To finish, thread some red beads onto the pipe cleaner for berries.

Add a ribbon so that it can be hung on the tree!

mini wreath ornament with pipe cleaners


What christmas ornaments are you planning on making this year?  If you need more ideas, check out these kid-friendly ornament ideas:

pipe cleaner ornament wreath kids can make

For another kid made wreath, you will love this one using scissor skills.

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